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Dog Grooming

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My name's Jennie and my business functions from my home in Ambrosden, Bicester, where there are no children and no family owned pets. I have vast knowledge and experience with dogs having owned them and worked with them professionally for many years.

I’m experienced in caring for dogs with different behaviours – friendly, excitable, nervous, aggressive, with various behavioural habits, traits and more. I’m very comfortable around all sizes and breeds and also with administering medication if required (including insulin for diabetic dogs).

Completely Canine is fully insured with Pet Plan Sanctuary, Licensed by Cherwell District Council (license number: HOM0033) and Jennie is trained in Canine First Aid. Rest assured your beloved pet will be well cared for and in experienced, loving hands!

General requirements

■   It is essential that all dogs using day care or attending group walks are fully vaccinated please (vaccine course to have been completed at least 4 weeks prior)
■   It is preferred that dogs are spayed/neutered, but it is not essential. Female dogs in season cannot be accepted into any group activities, however one to one time can be discussed and arranged
■   Dogs visiting for day care must be toilet trained and non-destructive please
■   Own pet food must be provided. This ensures continuity for your pet’s diet. Dog food that requires daily defrosting can be catered for!
■   Aggressive dogs cannot be accepted for day care or group walks. However, I hold experience in this area and can provide home visits and individual one-to-one walks if required. Any questions regarding your dog’s temperament please get in touch and I would be happy to discuss.



Vaccination policy: Dogs under the care of Completely Canine are required to be fully vaccinated with their booster vaccines and must be kept up to date. This is to keep all of the dogs in our care safe and to prevent the spread of diseases between the dogs. A copy of your dogs' vaccination certificate will be requested to be seen prior to the start of any bookings please.

The kennel cough vaccine isn't a requirement, but if your dog has it done they will need a minimum of a 10 day resting period allowing the vaccine to settle before they can be in contact with Completely Canine staff and other canine residents. Meaning within those 10 days we would not be able to offer our services in order to protect the other dogs in our care. This is because the Kennel Cough vaccine is a live vaccine so it needs that resting period to ensure the safety of the other dogs that come into contact with your dog(s) and through contact with us. This vaccine isn't a requirement but we like to make our customers aware of this if your dog does have this particular vaccine, so that it doesn't impact any plans or work schedules you may need our services for within the 10 day rest period following it.

Cancellation policy: If a cancellation is made within 2 days of a booking, 50% payment of the booking that was cancelled is required. If a cancellation is made within 1 day of a booking, payment is required in full for the booking cancelled. This is due to high demand and it is very unlikely that the cancelled booking can be filled within short notice periods. Changes and cancellations can be made free of charge up until 2 days prior to a booking. Thank you to everyone for your understanding.