Dog Walking

More “walkies“ and cuddles!

Day Care

Holidays and days out!

Dog Grooming

Professional grooms and “Doggy MOTs“


The business functions from my own family home in Ambrosden, Bicester, where there are no children and no family owned pets. I have vast knowledge and experience with dogs having worked with them for years.

I’m experienced in caring for dogs with different behaviours – friendly, excitable, nervous, aggressive and more. I’m very comfortable around all sizes and breeds and also with administering medication if required (including insulin for diabetic dogs).

General requirements

■   It is essential that all dogs using Home Boarding, Day Care or attending group walks are fully vaccinated (vaccine course to have been completed at least 4 weeks prior)
■   It is preferred that dogs are spayed/neutered, but it is not essential
■   Dogs visiting for Day Care or Home Boarding must be toilet trained and non-chewers
■   Own pet food must be provided. This ensures continuity for your pet’s diet. Dog food that requires daily defrosting can be catered for!
■   Aggressive dogs cannot be accepted for Home Boarding or group walks. However, I hold experience in this area and can provide home visits and individual one-to-one walks if required. Any questions regarding your dog’s temperament please get in touch and I would be happy to discuss.