Harness Fittings

Wholesaler of Perfect Fit Harnesses & Free Fitting service

I've always been an advocate of the Perfect Fit harness since struggling to find the "Perfect" harness for my own puppy. With puppies all growing at different rates, sizes and proportions, it can be hard to know which harness is best for your dog. Particularly as there is such a variety out there! This is why I chose a Perfect Fit harness and found I was recommending them so much that I wanted to become a wholesaler of them:

The Perfect Fit harness is made up of 3 parts, all of which are adjustable which is great for growing puppies or if your dog changes proportion. The harness is 'Y' shaped at the front which allows full free shoulder movement for your dog, which is particularly important in growing dogs. This harness supports your dog in all the right places and the fleece like material provides extra comfort around all those contact areas on your dog when they're moving.

The harnesses have two different rings for lead attachment to give extra flexibility for your training needs.

They come in a large variety of colours and are machine washable - great for those winter months and for dogs who love exploring the elements!

They are sold at retail price and I also include a completely free fitting and advice service tailored specifically to your dog. So you know the harness you take home is the "Perfect Fit" for them!

Please note: Fitting service is free if the harness merchandise is purchased from Completely Canine. I can assist with fitting harnesses that have already been purchased through the Perfect Fit website direct, but fittings will incur a £7 fitting fee.

If you would like to arrange a fitting, get in touch using the Contact page.