Day Care

Day Care

Day Care operating hours: Mon-Fri 8am-6pm
Delivery of your dog: 8am-10am
Collection of your dog: 4pm-6pm

For alternative collection and delivery times outside the times above or for Day Care outside of Mon-Fri, please discuss with Jennie prior to your dogs visit so that arrangements can be made. Additional hours outside of 8am-6pm can be booked, but are charged at £5 per hour. Please note that if your dogs are delivered or collected between 10am-4pm (having been arranged with Jennie beforehand), the same standard Day Care rate will apply.

Whilst all dogs will have their home comforts inside the home, Completely Canine also respects the wishes of any owners that may have their own house rules they want their dog to stick to! The house has full access to its own clean, secure garden(with access to shade) and the dogs' usual daily routine can be maintained so that they feel at home. Your dogs daily exercise and routine is included within the day care rate.

With the owner’s permission the dogs can interact and socialise with other dogs during Day Care and whilst out on walks. Interaction and socialisation between non-family dogs is considered carefully to each dogs individual needs, preferences, personality and play style. All dogs are supervised at all times when interacting with non-family dogs.

Day care pricing per day:

  • One dog: £20
  • Two dogs: £35
  • Three dogs: £45
  • Four dogs: £55 – Accommodation ability is dependent on the dogs' sizes

Please note:

Bank holidays are charged at 50% plus the Standard rate per day.
Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day are charged at double the Standard rate per day.

A consultation or day care trial can be arranged at your request prior to your dogs' stay to allow them to familiarise themselves, get comfortable and so that they can get to know Jennie.

How to make a booking for Day Care:

  1. Contact Jennie with the dates required to check availability and make a provisional booking.
  2. Complete paperwork required in preparation for your dogs' day care. It will be sent to you via e-mail along with the vaccination policy.
  3. Arrange a consultation and day care trial – it enables your dog to meet me before their visit, discuss requirements.
  4. Day of arrival! Dogs belongings and food to be provided by the owner unless arranged otherwise.