Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Completely Canine offers several dog walking services...

With the owners' permission, dogs can participate in group walks of up to four dogs handled per person in a group, allowing them to socialise and play with the other dogs.

Individual walks are also offered. These walks allow your dog one-to-one time with us and even more 'TLC'! Just a few examples of who these walks can benefit are dogs who have particular walking requirements or a routine, owners who prefer their dog to be the only dog on the walk, dogs who prefer just human company and more.

Pricing per dog:


  • One hour: £13


  • One hour: £18

Additional dogs from the same household are priced at 50% of the rates above.

Completely Canine requires a minimum of a one hour booking, however if your dog requires less than one hour it can definitely be accommodated for but will be charged at the one hour rate.


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